Distribution System


We, NDK, are a government-designated export-oriented 

small and medium-sized enterprise, and carrying out 

successful global business through its prepared global 

infrastructure and network.


Also, we are the in the process of operation of the 

government-designated “Smart Factory” project, 

which we acquired.

– Management of DAS(Digital Assorting System), 

  which is an integrated logistics distribution system   

  that includes collection, sorting, inventory, settlement, and sales

– Management of ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning), 

  which is an integrated information system  for enterprise 

  resource management, such as in-house production, 

  logistics, finance, accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, etc.


Built for quality distribution services, the large warehouse of NDK 

provides reliable warehouses anywhere in the world with 

complete management systems including order management, 

warehouse management, transportation management, 

inventory management, and transportation management.