NDK G-collection

ABOUT G-Collection

G- Collection, possible for providing client-customized 

solutions in global field markets.

With targeting the global market and export as the goals, 

NDK G-Collection has selected the well-proven products 

that have recorded high sales rate in on/off-line market, 

among our own brand products, 

such as London Slim, Jean-Jury, or Heol-lang-ee. 


Striving together with our clients, 

NDK presents the premium quality denim clothing 

at the most reasonable price.


The details that go even beyond the clients’ needs 

is the quality of NDK itself.


The good design

that can connect every person

on the Earth of all generations

Leading the global trend

with continuous innovations

C o n t i n u o u s   I n n o v a t i o n


We communicate with

our customers

through our product quality only.

T h e   F r o n t i e r , N D K